Never regret subscribing to a mailing list again

See the details of over half a million mailing lists, before you give them your email address.

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Keep control of your inbox.

Whether you're trying to stay productive, or striving for inbox zero, the best solution is to only give your email to people you trust.

Stay informed everywhere, always.

Our browser plugin identifies mailing lists used by the webpage you're visiting, and lets you know their reputation before you hand over your email address.

Stop being surprised by bad emails.

If you start signing up for a site with a bad score we’ll show you an alert to make sure you definitely don’t mind joining their mailing list.

See scores in Gmail & Outlook.

Get mailing list scores right in your mailboxes so that you can see what emails are worth holding on to.

Keep your inbox free of spam, forever

Available with monthly or yearly billing. Change or cancel your plan at any time.

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  • License for 3 devices
  • Scores updated daily
  • Chrome & Firefox
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My email account used to get cluttered a lot, but now I can make sure I only subscribe to quality mailing lists.

- Osamah Aldoaiss

It's helpful. As a newsletter writer I can benchmark myself against the competition and check out the industry.

- Andrew Kamphey

Seeing real data from a website's emails means that I cut down on spam before it even reaches my inbox!

- Ethan

It saved me a lot of unsubscribing in the future! You should get this tool if you value your inbox.

- Dennis van Dalen

I have a question...

What makes a good score?

We look at various details of a mailing list, such as email frequency, how many people choose to unsubscribe from it using Leave Me Alone, how easy it is to unsubscribe from, and various other statistics. It is then measured up against all others and given a percentile rank between F and A+.

What browsers do you support?

The Subscription Score extension currently works with Chrome and Firefox. If we get requests for other browsers then we will create extensions them in future.

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Where does your data come from?

Our scores are generated from usage data from our other project Leave Me Alone, which allows users to easily unsubscribe from subscription emails.

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Will you add a new feature for me?

Maybe! We'll try and keep Subscription Score as lean and simple as possible, but if you have a good feature in mind then let us know!

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